About Lumière Films

Why Lumière?

I chose the name “Lumière Films” for a couple of reasons. First of all, “lumière” is the French word for “light”, which after all is the most important element in filmmaking!

Secondly, I wanted to give a nod to Auguste and Louis Lumière, two Frenchmen who were early pioneers of cinema in the late 19th century. In particular, the Lumières were perhaps the first people to see the possibilities of moving pictures as a way to tell a story and entertain people, rather than merely as a toy for rich people, or a scientific curiosity. They not only invented and patented many elements of the technology of filmmaking, but also took the first steps in creating both documentary films and film comedy.

Of course nowadays we shoot mostly with digital cameras not film (though I do use Super 8mm from time to time!) – but I’m sure if the Lumière brothers were around today they would be happily using all the tools that we have which they could never have dreamed of a hundred years ago.

Lumière Films’ principal cinematographer is Chris Mann

Chris Mann Lumière Films

I’m originally from Coventry, England, but for several years I worked as a videographer and photographer in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean, shooting weddings, portraits, and commercial projects – not only in Turks & Caicos but also in other exotic locations including Mexico, St. Lucia and the USA, for clients as varied as Canon USA, Toyota, Pfizer, SuperPages Canada, the Turks & Caicos Government, and MAXIM Magazine.

It was a great experience and tremendous fun, but in 2010 I moved “back home” to Guildford, Surrey, to try and bring some of that relaxed Caribbean vibe and a touch of tropical sunshine to the UK!

Whether it’s your wedding day, a family event or a commercial video shoot, I want to make the whole experience as relaxed and fuss-free as possible. I do my best to work in an unobtrusive way so as not to turn your special event into a Hollywood film set.

So if you like what you see on the website, please get in touch and let’s see what we can do together.