Making backups of your movie disk

Copyright and reproduction

All video material that we supply is © Lumière Films UK and may not be reproduced or distributed in any form, whether for profit or not, without our permission. Please do get in touch via our contact page if you’d like to use some of our footage – we’re happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

However, we do encourage clients to make backup copies of DVDs or BluRay disks as the longevity and future readability of digital media cannot be guaranteed and we’d hate for you to lose your precious recording! We keep backup copies of every job we shoot for up to two years, but the amount of storage space required makes it impossible for us to guarantee to keep files on hand longer than that, so it’s important that you have a safe backup yourselves.

DVD copying

DVD diskThe DVD disks we supply are not copy-protected so you can easily make a backup using a computer DVD drive and backup program. Look for the “disk copy” function in your software. We recommend Roxio Toast on Apple Mac and Nero on Windows as being good reliable disk copying programs.

Use good-quality DVD blank disks not unbranded “supermarket specials” – Verbatim, JVC, Taiyo Yuden, TDK and Sony are all good brands. Note that some of our disks are dual-layer (DL) double-capacity DVDs to accommodate longer movies on one disk – your DVD drive will need to be capable of burning DL disks and you will need to buy DL blanks.

A standard single-layer DVD holds up to 4.7GB of data so if your computer reports the disk as being bigger than this then it is a DL type. Please ask us if you are not sure if you have a DL disk or not.

BluRay copying

To back up a BluRay disk you will need a BluRay burner drive, burnable BD disks, and software that is able to make BluRay copies. Some recent Windows computers come equipped with a BluRay burner, but Apple Macs do not. It is often possible to fit an after-market BluRay burner drive to your computer (Macs included), or to connect an external drive – please consult your local computer dealer for advice.

As with DVDs, we recommend using Roxio Toast or Nero software to manage the copying process. You may need to upgrade your burning software to allow BluRay disks to be copied.

BluRay disks cannot be read or copied in a DVD drive or player.

Copying to iPad, phone or other mobile device

Please email me to request a download link to the 720p high-definition version of your wedding highlights movie. This can be imported to iTunes and a version for iPad, iPod or iPhone created using the commands on the Advanced menu:

Help! This is too technical!

If you’d rather not bother with all this computer stuff, then no problem – just get in touch and as long as we still have your project on file we can supply backup disks in the appropriate format.