I just got back from a week-long trip to the island of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten in the Caribbean – it’s half French and half Dutch, hence the double name!

I was working for Rovi, an American software company who were holding their annual President’s Club event for their best-performing staff members, making a video of their team-building events. The job was a co-production with my brother Andy’s company, Tropical Imaging, who are based in the Turks & Caicos Islands where Rovi held the same event last year. It was fun to work with my former colleague Preston again!

Thankfully the weather was mostly cooperative (we did have some heavy rain on the evening I arrived) – the biggest challenge was collecting and editing the footage while I was there. ready to show at the Gala Dinner on the last evening. But it all came together well!

If I can get the go-ahead to post the video from the event I will do so, but for now here are some stills that I took around the La Samanna resort where the event took place: