London Muslim Indian wedding video Park Lane Hotel

Allya and Afshin’s wedding was a hugely colourful and happy event, and one that spanned a wide range of cultures as well, bringing together Allya’s Indian heritage with Afshin’s from Iran, guests from Canada India the UK and many other countries, plus some Western party razamatazz as well of course. 🙂

The celebrations started with a mehndi party at the Clay Oven in Alperton, west London on the Thursday, and continued on Saturday with civil and Muslim wedding ceremonies and the wedding reception itself at the Park Lane Hotel on Piccadilly in London W1.

The menhdi party had a Punjabi village theme, with music and dancing and a splendid Indian buffet. Things were a bit more formal for the wedding itself, but everyone relaxed and let their hair down at the reception – there’s a lot of dancing in my highlights movie as a result!

Photographer Neil Walker and I took Allya and Afshin away from the fun for a little while to do a shoot in Shepherd Market just around the corner from the hotel – an old-fashioned part of London with a village atmosphere tucked away in the side-streets between Piccadilly and Mayfair. You’ll see that in the opening segment of my highlights video…

Many thanks to Allya and Afshin for inviting me to document their wedding – and congratulations to you both!

(click the four-headed arrow in the preview above to view the movie full-screen).

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